About Me

Hey, I’m Andrew.

I’m a digital marketer, media agent, and blogger.

I use digital media as a primary means of helping brands and influencers increase and maintain their presence online.

With 8 years of experience marketing online, I use my knowledge of the online media landscape to craft a content driven strategy for your brand.

In 2013, I co-founded an online publication called Canada Nightlife (www.canadanightlife.ca). Canada Nightlife is an online magazine that publishes editorial content about restaurants, events, music festivals, and artists we love and endorse. Established in Montreal, we also have a small presence in Ottawa and Toronto.

In an article about a project I was working on with Beachclub during summer of 2015, Anabelle Nicoud from La Presse described me as “a 22 year old with the intuition and comprehension of a true digital native. In the blink of an eye, he can recognize the potential of a photo for Instagram or Snapchat“.


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